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"Crossroads" is unveiled at Vanadisplan, in the heart of Stockholm's gallery district.

The monumental sculpture Crossroads in corten steel by Matias Di Carlo was unveiled at Vanadisplan on Friday 9 September at 14:00pm.

With his Italian roots and Matias Di Carlos represents the fourth generation in his family who have mastered fire and metals, and based on these skills Di Carlo has developed his characteristic sculptural language, where the play between density and void, light and shadow, has a decisive aesthetic significance. Visually, the sculpture resembles a giant origami. On a theoretical level, Di Carlo´s idiom can be associated with the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and his composite ideas about the folds of diversity (le pli). At the same time, Di Carlo examines the complexity of the universe and the structures hidden in nature. The artist's work "Crossroads" is characterized by minimalist rigor: the sculpture consists of neither inside nor outside. All parts work together in an equal way. The material – corten steel – lives, breathes and ages in its own way. The weather and different light conditions cause the color tone to shift, from orange-brown to reddish-brown, and acquire a beautiful patina over time.

The work is one of Stockholm art's contributions through WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022. WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022 is a regional art event focused on public art. The aim is to enrich our common areas with new art that touches, arouses thoughts and creates feelings. Stockholm art has contributed with a number of new temporary artworks and art events at various locations around the city.

Art project manager: Torbjörn Johansson

In the photos:
Jonas Naddebo, city council for culture and urban environment Stockholm city
Stefan Hagdahl, director of Stockholm Konst
Maria Clara Biglieri, Argentinian ambassador in Sweden
Authorities from Spanish and Argentinian embassies in Sweden

Read the full report on Stockholm Konst's website


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